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In the next days the archives of the TBHS Journal will be updated.  Stay tuned!


Annual Meeting News

The annual meeting of the TBHS will take place on March 10 at the SBC Convention Building, Room 250.  901 Commerce St, #400, Nashville.

The meeting begins at 9:30 and will conclude at 1:15.  Lunch is included.

The theme of the meeting is “Baptist and the Restoration Movement: Relationships and Religion”.

The Anticipated Sale of the Tennessee Baptist Convention property in Brentwood is Off

The B&R reports

The TBC Executive Board was notified Feb. 14 that Franklin Land Associates will not be closing on the sale of the Baptist Center, according to Randy C. Davis, TBC executive director/treasurer.

Davis also received notification on Feb. 15 that Franklin Land Associates had withdrawn their request for a zoning change to the city of Brentwood that had been set for a vote on Feb. 25. Earlier this month, a group called “Preserve Brentwood” launched an effort opposing the building of a 900,000 square-foot development on the Baptist Center site.

Proposed Constitutional Changes and Additions to the Bylaws

Please take a moment, before the Annual Meeting next week, to read through the proposed Constitution changes and additions to the Bylaws.

The Minutes of the Latest Leadership Meeting

Can be downloaded in PDF here.

The Baptist Ancestor’s Conference

Registration details are available here. We hope that you can participate.

The Constitution of the TBHS Has Been Added to our Site!

Please visit here to download and read our Constitution. There’s also a link to the download in the Nav Panel. We encourage your participation.