Daily Archives: February 5, 2009

The Anniversary of the Union University Tornado

Union University in Jackson Tennessee was ravaged by a tornado. Here’s a view of the damage then


and now


It’s for very good reasons, then, that the President of Union

said it’s hard to talk about the February 2008 tornado and the recovery efforts that followed without becoming emotional . “We thank God for his blessings, and I give credit to the wonderful staff and terrific faculty that remain committed to Union,” he said. The season of Thanksgiving is continuous on the campus, which also was damaged in 2001 by high winds and in 2002 by a tornado. The 2008 tornado, which struck a year ago today, caused about $40 million in damages at Union. It wiped out 70 percent of student housing and badly damaged six other buildings, officials said.

It’s easy to forget these sorts of disasters because unless we are personally involved, they just don’t come to mind. Recall the shootings at Virginia Tech or the Amish Schoolhouse and you’ll see how short our memories are. So, with Union, we rejoice at their recovery.