Daily Archives: November 20, 2008

Report from the Tennessee Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

Lonnie Wilkey offers a summary of the meeting in the Baptist and Reflector.  In part

Some concern was expressed during discussion on Wednesday afternoon that some nominees had answered “no” to the question about affirming the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 or adding comments to their answers.  In response to a question if the Committee on Boards evaluated the answers, Earl Wilson, committee chairman and member of Wallace Memorial Baptist Church, Knoxville, replied that the committee did not.  Wilson said the committee felt the question was not intended to be a litmus test. “It is our understanding that whatever answer they gave did not disqualify them from service.  Messenger Larry Reagan of Adam’s Chapel Baptist Church responded that he “would feel better if there was some doctrinal accountability.” Mark Deakins, pastor, Harvest Fields Baptist Church, Pegram, said he disagreed with making the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 the TBC “standard of faith” because it is too liberal. He said that the BF&M 2000 “leaves out that Jesus Christ is the criteria by which we interpret Scripture.” Deakins also said it is not Baptist to require affirmation of the BF&M.

Historically minded Baptists will know that anything even remotely resembling creedalism is loathsome to Baptists.  Hence, the Convention acted correctly in rejecting any movement in that direction.